Your smartphone and tablet are both capable of doing a lot for you; mirroring these devices to your TV is a unique way to take advantage of all of those features. Sure, not every mobile device or TV has this capability, but at this point most do.

What is screen mirroring?

Most smart entertainment devices these days let you cast content from your smartphone or tablet to enjoy it on more capable hardware. Whether you want to watch your favorite vlogger’s latest YouTube upload on a massive TV or hear Spotify’s newest album releases on a pair of connected speakers that can emulate a small earthquake in your home, casting makes it easy to do it all from your mobile devices.

BiJie Box

BiJie Meeting Box is a wireless display product that can share anything to any screen, in any room, from any device.


You also can share you desktop or screen if you don’t want to install application on your devices include windows/MacOS/iPhone/Anroid


The BJ62S can accept multiple transmitter streams at the same time.The final effect can be a multi-screen effect, see to the video on the left


The management system can configure and maintain all of the meeting boxes, can collect and dashboard the used data and statistics. and this system can be private deployment


Provides a development kit for the sender, which can be integrated into the customer’s own OA or IM system. supports iOS/MacOS/Windows/Android