A friend asked the editor where to download the wireless display. The editor will briefly introduce it to you. BiJie wireless display is compatible with all the current mainstream displays, and can display mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc. synchronously on the large screen through wireless screen projection.

If you want to put the content on the mobile phone or the content on the computer to a monitor wirelessly, actually a wireless projector is easy to solve.

Firstly, the wireless display of the interactive box is connected to the AOC display through HDMI cable or VGA cable;

Then the Android phone opens [settings]  [more links]  [wireless display] [wireless projector ID]  [mobile phone wireless display completed];

Apple mobile phone needs to slide up at the bottom of the main interface (Apple 11 and apple x slide from right to left) {screen mirror} wireless projector ID} [mobile phone wireless display completed].

Attention to mobile phone display:

1. Mobile phone and TV are in the same LAN range. The mobile phone connects to WiFi of the same router.

2. BiJie wireless display has display software developed for Android and windows, which is more stable than the wireless display provided by mobile phone. It can be downloaded, installed and used by scanning with mobile phone. If you don’t know how to use it, you can contact the online customer service of BiJie to solve the problem for you.