How to play mobile phone while display

When using mobile phones for display, I believe that many people want to play mobile phones while displaying, and whether this is feasible mainly depends on which mode the mobile phone is in:

How to play mobile phone while display

The first mode: Video push mode

If your mobile phone is in the video push mode, you can play with your mobile phone while you are displaying, because the principle of the video push mode is to send the address of the video to the TV, and then play it on the TV, just as you usually share the video to your friends through QQ, wechat, etc., watching the video will not affect the operation of your mobile phone.

In this mode, you can download all kinds of video apps, enter the video playing interface, and then click the display button to play the mobile phone while displaying.

The second mode: mirror mode

Mirror mode refers to display the mobile screen on TV, which includes the multi screen interactive function of Android mobile phone and the screen image of Apple mobile phone. In this mode, the mobile phone can not be turned off or play other apps.