How to project screen projector on win10 computer?
win10 wireless screen projector, requires the computer and projector can support Miracast; Connect the computer and the projector to the same network, open the projector’s screen projection tool, return to the computer to open the connection function, and find the projector connection.

How to wirelessly project screen to projector in win10

  1. Connect to the same network, first connect the computer and projector to the same network;
  2. Open the screen projection tool, and then open the Miracast projection tool on the projector;
  3. Open the connection function in the notification bar of the computer and select the corresponding projector connection in the scan result.
    Expanded content: win10 computer wireless screen projector can be through the wireless connection of win10, you can also choose to use third-party screen projection software for screen projection, but most third-party screen projection software in the computer screen projection need to pay to use.