How to project the screen of Huawei mobile phone to the TV?

How to project the screen of Huawei mobile phone to the TV? With the advent of the high-tech era, more and more high-tech products come into being, the most common ones are like mobile phones. Now there are a lot of mobile phones, the relatively well-known domestic brands have Huawei mobile phones. Even some smart iot features can be implemented, but not often. Because the phone’s screen size is limited, it can be enlarged by projecting the screen onto the TV, making it easier to operate. The specific method, next take you to take a look at several methods of Huawei mobile phone screen to TV, come and have a detailed understanding of it.

Huawei mobile phone screen projection method

Touch the screen

On the picture quality Smart Screen V series released on September 26, 2019, Huawei launched the function of one-touch screen projection for the first time. As long as Huawei mobile phones support NFC function, the screen projection function can be realized by one-touch remote control, greatly lowering the threshold of use of the screen projection function. In addition, a touch screen casting also supports up to 1080P60 frames HD smooth screen casting mode, the delay is at 100 milliseconds level, playing the game screen basically has no perception.

Intelligent double throw

Dual mobile screen projection, never seen before in TV products, is also a function launched by Huawei. Personally, I think the most important place for this function is party games and some meeting office collaborative scenes. By installing the Smart Screen App, two Huawei phones can be installed on the same smart screen.

Hyperterminal screen projection

Compared with ordinary wireless projection screen, HyperTerminal projection screen is simpler and faster. After the mobile phone upgrade HarmonyOS 2, the HyperTerminal function is provided to support dynamic identification of devices that can be put or service flow, so that multiple devices and mobile phones can jointly form a hyperterminal, and the control experience is particularly ceremonial.

In-app screen projection

Many applications have built-in screen projection buttons. For example, DLNA screen projection can be realized through the TV screen projection button of video applications. After successful screen projection, the movie is automatically obtained from the server, and the mobile app supports simple control function. And you can directly exit the mobile phone from the current application without affecting the TV side, which is a very good method for mobile video members to use in the large screen.