How to project Windows 11 computer screen to TV?

Many friends in the use of the computer, are very like to screen the screen into the TV to watch the operation. But many users recently after upgrading the Windows11 system, do not know how to put the Win11 computer screen into the TV, so the following Xiaobian will take you to see how to operate it!

Operation method:

  1. Install Lebo projection screen on the TV side. If the TV has its own projection screen, you can open its own projection screen function.

  2. Search “Lebo Projection Screen” on the computer at the same time, download and install;

  3. Connect the computer with Windows11 and the TV WiFi to the same network. Open the Lebo screen at the computer end and select the name of your TV device to cast the screen.

4, because the current Windows11 or preview version, so the bottom function bar of the projection function is not yet open, after the subsequent open can continue to try.