How does the mobile phone project the screen to the vehicle navigation? and

the first type: connect the mobile phone screen and the vehicle screen through the MHL line.


to realize this connection, three conditions need to be met:


. First, the mobile phone must support the MHL function, which is available in most Android mobile phones at present;

2. The vehicle must have HDMI interface

3. An MHL line

MHL is required, that is, mobile high definition link (MHL) is a high-definition audio-visual standard interface of mobile terminal. The MHL function can transmit the video, audio and video signals in the mobile phone to the external display device at the same time, which is simple to operate and does not require other complex settings.


connect the MHL cable to the USB port of the mobile phone and the HDMI interface of the vehicle at the same time, then the screen mapping can be realized automatically, and then relevant operations can be carried out. In addition to the MHL line, the mobile phone can project the vehicle screen, as well as the TV and computer.

the second kind: use the projection software

if you want to appear the mobile phone navigation picture or other film and television pictures on the vehicle screen, you need to use the projection or special same screen software. Now there happens to be a very easy-to-use screen projection software that can realize screen projection.

Bijie projection screen can meet any vehicle projection project, such as video projection screen, music projection screen, navigation projection screen, etc. it can be easily done with Bijie projection screen. Moreover, Bijie projection screen can set the customized renewal of projection screen according to the vehicle model and riding position, which can meet different needs.