multi screen interaction, projection protocol and wireless projection multi screen interaction are realized?

multi screen interaction is a technology based on DLNA protocol, flash link protocol, miracast protocol, etc. through WiFi network connection, the multimedia content on different multimedia terminals such as mobile phones and tablets can be projected onto different intelligent terminal devices.

multi screen interactive protocol:


(initiated by Sony, Intel, Microsoft, etc. to solve the interconnection technology of wireless networks and wired networks including personal PCs, consumer appliances and mobile devices)

II Widi


(the full name of Intel wirelessdisplay is wireless HD technology, which realizes the wireless connection between computer and display device through WiFi signal. After Intel released Capella mobile platform, widi technology has been able to be used in related products.)

III. airplay

(Wireless Technology launched by Apple Corporation of the United States)

IV. flash connection

(protocol standard jointly initiated by Lenovo, TCL, Konka, Hisense and great wall, which supports intelligent interconnection, resource sharing and collaborative services of various 3C equipment, and realizes a new network architecture of “3C equipment + network operation + content / service”)

v. miracast

(Wi Fi certified miracast announced by Wi Fi Alliance on September 19, 2012) ™ Certification program. Miracast devices provide simplified discovery and setup, and users can quickly transfer video between devices.)