How to screen a SONY TV without using third-party software

Due to a lot of tutoring courseware for the child, it is very inconvenient to use the computer, so I have been thinking about how to combine the computer with the TV screen. My TV is SONY (KD-55X9500H) Android9.0 system, the computer is DELL WIN10 system.

I searched for a long time on the Internet about the problem of screen projection, either teaching the “screen mirror” of the SONY TV menu to achieve it, or letting the third-party software or APP achieve it, but my home TV has no “screen mirror” menu, and the software can only find the Lebo screen projection, the effect is not good. So after repeated research, I finally found a way to use the original ecosystem to throw video from the computer to the TV. Now share with you:

1, put the computer and TV in the same network (local area), note that WIFI is now divided into 2.5G and 5G, must be the same frequency band LAN.

2, click on the computer in turn: Settings — devices — Add Bluetooth other devices — all other devices. Once you see your TV model, add it. There should be two (or more) of the same TV model appearing, and each should be added until it appears in the other device bar. If you need to pair your computer with your phone, follow the instructions.

  1. Find the connection status of your computer code in the “Bluetooth” interface of your SONY TV.

4, in the computer to find the video file you need to screen to the TV, right-click, call up the following menu, click “play to the device” to select your own TV on it (this method is also suitable for the picture screen to the TV).

5, or use the “movie and TV” with WIN10 to open the video, click: the three small dots in the lower right corner – projected into the device – to find their own TV model can be automatically connected.

Follow the above steps, you can achieve the computer video projection to the TV without the help of other software or APP. I only use Windows 10 XPS and Android 9.0 SONY TV, but I believe that other computers and TVS with similar specifications should be able to project.