Today, I’d like to introduce two ways to display the screen of Apple iPad on Windows computer.
The precondition of wireless display: in the same LAN environment.

Apple iPad display to Windows computer
The screen image of Apple devices can only be multi screen interaction between Apple products, which is incompatible with Android and windows systems. Therefore, media, projection software or display devices are needed.

Display software  

Install software on your computer and tablet.

Display equipment

As a professional cross screen device, BiJie wireless display device only needs to connect the receiver box to the computer through HDMI cable, and then open the “control center” on Apple iPad to see the “screen image”. After clicking, the name of the wireless display device that can be connected will appear. Click to connect successfully.

Warm tips: if you are just a personal Apple iPad, you can choose to use the software. If it is with office nature or pursuing effect, it is recommended to use the professional wireless display equipment of BiJie.