How to set “mobile phone same screen computer”?

Win10 system update, Windows computer Miracast protocol, many friends do not know how to set. Xiaobian today to share with you the mobile phone with the screen of the computer in the end is how to set, the update of Win10 seems to be more convenient and mobile phone screen interaction, but the vast majority of our computer network card and graphics card is not supported. Just because you don’t support it doesn’t mean you can’t do it wirelessly.

  1. Android Phone and Computer Direct connection (Miracast Direct Connection)

Prerequisite for implementation:

  1. Android phones and WIN10 computers use the same wireless network (in the same LAN), and the computer hardware (network card and graphics card must support Miracast).
  2. There must be wireless network coverage.

Android phone multi-screen interaction – automatic search.

The first kind: automatic search here mainly to see whether you can find your computer device, if you can, a pop-up window will appear on the computer, pairing, confirm to complete the connection.

Second, some computers run Win10, but Miracast is not supported by their own hardware, and even if searched, the Miracast protocol cannot be connected. Miracast is not supported by Win10 computers and Miracast may not display your content because the hardware is not designed for wireless projection. In this case, Miracast direct connection can be abandoned.

Third: If the device cannot be searched on the mobile phone, then there is still hope, so we need to set it on the computer:

  1. On the Start menu, enter services.msc- to go to Windows services.
  2. Open windows

(1) SSDPDiscovery

(2) WindowsMediaPlayerNetworkSharingService

  1. Set up the network:

In Control Panel – Network and Internet- Network and Sharing Center, set the wireless network type of the current computer to Home Network.

  1. Open windowsmediaplayer and click:

(1) Allow remote control of my player and

(2) Automatically allow the device to play my media

These two items, and keep windowsmediaplayer open. Select Allow from more stream options

  1. After finishing the distribution, you can open the multi-screen interaction on your phone and find that there is already a discovery device.

Two, the above operations have no effect?

If the first method does not work, then you need to use the professional wireless projector through Betjie Internet

Connect the Bijie Connected wireless projector to the computer’s mainframe via an HDMI cable;

Pull a network cable to the wireless projection device:

IPhone – Airplay Screen image – Select Wireless projector name – Pairing – Complete screen.

Android phone multi-screen interaction – select the name of wireless screen projector – pairing – complete screen projection;