How to set up a wireless connection projector for Windows 10 laptops?

Many office workers have a small and portable Windows 10 laptop, and we all know that the Windows 10 system has many rich functions. Among them, the function of connecting projectors is commonly used by many users, and its function is very large. It can project the display content of the Win10 screen onto the projector, usually used for office reports. The projection effect of the large screen is stronger. How do laptops project screens to projectors?

Specific steps:

1. Turn on the projector and select Android connection.


2. Click “Start” – “Settings” and select “Devices”.


3. Click on “Add Device” and select “Wireless Display”.


4. Select your display device from the search results.

5. The projection connection is ready. If the computer and the projected image are not consistent, you need to modify the connection mode. Click on Change Projection Mode and then select Copy.


6. Once the modification is successful, you can see the projection display of the computer desktop content.