How to set up screen mirroring for Sony TV?

With the advancement of video watching capabilities on mobile phones, people’s demand for televisions has become less and less. But compared to the large screen of a TV, watching movies and TV shows on a mobile phone always feels less enjoyable. It would be great if you could project your mobile video onto the TV. So how to set up Sony TV screen mirroring? Next, let’s take a look at Sony TV screen projection methods!


How to set up Sony TV screen projection?

1. Open TV WIFI

Turn on the TV to allow WIFI connection and enter the “Screen Mirroring” menu. At this time, the TV will display “Waiting for External Device Connection”.

2. Mobile phone connection to local area network

Turn on the WIFI network on your phone, and after turning on the wireless connection function, allow your phone and TV to connect to the same local area network.

3. Search for Sony TV

Find “WIRELESS display” under “SETTINGS” – “DISPLAY”, select “searching for displays”, and the TV should be automatically searched.

4. Screen casting completed

Pull down the phone menu and find “Phone Screen Projection” or “Screen Image”. Click on the TV you have found, such as KD-65X9300C. At this time, a pairing prompt will automatically appear on the TV indicating whether it is allowed. Select “Allow”; After successful pairing, click KD-65X9300C again, and the screen of the phone should be projected onto the TV.