Whether you need tech support from afar or you’d just like to see your Mac’s screen mirrored (but bigger), screen-sharing is the best way to get your results! There are numerous ways for you to share the contents of your Mac’s screen, from traditional HDMI-to-TV use to OS X’s sweet built-in screen-sharing technology.

Using Airplay

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1.Make sure you have the proper equipment. In order to mirror your computer’s display on a TV, you’ll need a computer running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later and at least a second-generation Apple TV.

  • If you don’t have the proper equipment, you can still view your computer’s screen on your TV with an HDMI cable!

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2.Turn on your TV, then turn on your Mac. Wait for your TV to fully boot up before attempting to connect your Mac.

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3.Click on the AirPlay icon. This is in your menu bar in the top-right corner of your Mac’s screen; it resembles a rectangular outline with a triangle at the bottom.

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4.Click the “Apple TV” option at the bottom of the menu. If you have several Apple TVs on the same network, you’ll need to select the one to which you wish to connect from a drop-down menu.

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5.Click the “Extended Desktop” option when prompted. This will display your desktop on the Apple TV, thereby allowing you to watch YouTube videos or stream online media from your laptop to your TV.

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6.Adjust your TV preferences. If this is your first time connecting your Mac to your Apple TV, the TV’s resolution might appear inadequate; this is because your Apple TV applies picture-quality enhancements to on-screen images by default, which can distort computer images. To fix this, you’ll need to consult your TV’s manual.

  • For most TVs, setting the display filter to “Standard” or “Normal” (or “Computer” if your TV has it). Avoid settings such as “Cinematic”, “Dynamic”, or “Gaming”.