How to solve the failure of projection display when

wireless is on the same screen?

many people often encounter the situation that the wireless projection is connected but the video does not appear on the TV when they use the mobile phone for wireless projection, which can not be solved. Through summary and analysis, these problems in wireless projection generally have the following reasons:

1. If the AP is isolated and turned on in the router setting, Or in smart routing, mobile phones and TVs are connected to the guest network, and devices cannot be searched.

2. Some problems occur in the projection of the TV. At this time, the TV needs to be powered off and restarted, and the TV should not be cleaned frequently, because the projection software running in the background of the TV may be stopped, resulting in the failure to find the equipment;

3. Some small partners use some screen projection app software on the market, and there are some problems with the stability of the screen projection software. In this case, choose to disconnect, reconnect and reinstall;

4. Check whether the TV supports “DLNA”, “airplay” or “miracast” protocol, and there are exceptions when the video app calls the projection protocol.

above is the reason why the wireless projection display is connected but there is no picture. In order to avoid errors, we should follow the following steps when conducting the wireless projection operation:

first, we should ensure that the mobile phone and TV for wireless projection are connected in the same LAN.

in the second step, we turn on the TV, find the multi screen interactive function under the general setting option in the system settings, and then turn on the multi screen interactive function. At this time, our TV is in the state to be connected.


the third step. After the TV operation steps are completed, we will download and install the screen projection software on the mobile phone. After the installation is completed, open the screen projection software we downloaded, choose to add devices, search for devices that can be connected in the LAN, wait a few seconds, the name of the TV will appear, and then choose to connect. (occasionally, we can’t find the name of the TV. At this time, we need to manually enter the IP address of the TV to connect.

finally, after the wireless projection connection is successful, we just need to open the software on the mobile phone to wirelessly transmit the video and audio on the mobile phone to the TV for playback.