When many partners use their mobile phones for wireless display, they often encounter the situation that the wireless display is connected but the video does not appear on the TV. After a long time of playing, they still don’t understand what the problem is.

We should follow the following steps in wireless display operation:

Step 1: we should ensure that the mobile phone and TV for wireless display are connected in the same LAN.

Step 2: we turn on the TV and find the multi screen interactive function under the general setting option in the system settings. After entering, we turn on the multi screen interactive function. At this time, our TV is in the state of waiting to be connected.

Step 3: after the TV operation, we will download and install the display software on the mobile phone. After the installation is completed, open the display software we downloaded, select to add devices, search for devices that can be connected in the LAN.

After a few seconds, the name of the TV set will appear, and then select the connection. (occasionally, we can’t find the TV name. At this time, we need to manually input the IP address of the TV to connect.

Step 4:  after the wireless screen projection connection is successful, we just need to open the software on the mobile phone, and then we can transmit the video and audio on the mobile phone to the TV for playing.