With the multi screen display of wireless projection, there are more and more display screens in the conference room, and the multi screen display meeting is more and more popular. Bijie’s wireless display and exclusive multi screen display card can support multi screen display of six screens.


Shortcut of two displays in computer split screen【WIN+P】
Computer hardware configuration: win10 computer with HDMI multi screen display card, BiJie wireless display, two display screens
1. The display screen is respectively connected with the wireless screen casting box;
2. The wireless screen projector is built into the local area network of the company;
3. On win10 computer, win + P [quickly change the current projection mode], on the right side of the computer, there are [computer screen only], [copy], [Extension], [second screen only], four modes, select extension, select the ID of wireless projector, at this time, the second display screen is a blank display screen.

Operation tips of two displays on computer screen

Content usage of the expansion screen: we can drag the content to be shared to the expansion screen of the computer on our own computer [click the left mouse button and hold it, drag it to the right].

Switch of expansion screen: move the mouse from the expansion screen to the left. As long as it goes beyond the scope of the expansion screen, it will automatically return to the computer.

End extended screen projection: drag the shared files to the main screen of your computer, and then turn it off. Or mouse back to the main computer screen, directly end the screen.

If the display scale of the second display screen is abnormal, we can right-click the desktop in the computer [control panel options]. Click display settings. Select [expand these displays] in the multi display column, and click the second gray option. Select this gray screen to display another screen setting, such as [adjust brightness level], [direction], [type of multi display], [advanced display setting]