How to Stream via AirPlay to your Samsung TV

Screen mirroring allows you to view content from your mobile device on your TV screen. This means that you can start watching your favourite show on your commute and then immediately continue it on the big screen when you walk through the door. The SmartThings and Smart View apps make it quick and easy to connect to your Samsung Smart TV, but you can also connect through a Wi-Fi or HDMI connection.

To be able to screen mirror wirelessly, your TV will need to be able to support a Wi-Fi connection. 

 Connecting via Airplay

Viewing photos and videos via AirPlay

1. Open the Photos app
2 Find the photo or video you wish to share
3 Tap the share icon in the bottom left of the screen
4 Tap AirPlay
5 Tap the TV you wish to connect to
6 If prompted, enter the code shown on the TV on your Apple device

Playing audio via AirPlay

1. Open the music player on your Apple device
2. Select a song
3. Tap the Airplay icon
4. Tap the TV you wish to connect to
5. If prompted, enter the code shown on your TV on your Apple device

Finding AirPlay settings

1. Go to Settings
2. Navigate to General
3. Select Apple AirPlay settings