Specific usage of Apple’s airplay projection function: Apple’s airplay,

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with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable necessity in people’s life and work. However, the mobile phone screen is too small, and the projection function

is needed when sharing information with you. Usage method of Apple’s airplay projection function –

the method of using Apple’s airplay is very simple, First, your mobile phone and TV network communicate with each other, then enter the control center, click “wireless projection”, and select the device you want to projection in the pop-up device. (click the projection button in the upper right corner of the computer and select the device you want to project the screen)

Apple airplay

Apple airplay projection function usage method 2

download the Bijie wireless projection app on the mobile terminal and connect the TV to the Bijie wireless conference terminal. First, ensure that the mobile phone and the TV are connected to the same network. Open the software interface and a list appears. Select the list of TV names to project the screen, You can also enter the IP address for screen projection or code scanning screen projection. (Download PC client from the computer)

Apple’s airplay projection function usage method 3

TV is connected to the Bijie wireless conference terminal, the computer is connected to the USB transmitter, and click the USB transmitter button to projection.

Apple’s airplay fails to cast the screen. There are several reasons why

cannot be connected normally. Please check according to the actual situation.

1. The company and public networks cannot be used (the router itself has restrictions, and it is recommended that you use a personal private network)

2. The computer firewall prohibits the screen recording master from accessing (after opening the screen recording master program for the first time, the system will pop up “allow airplayer program to pass through the firewall”, please select Yes, allow access)

Apple airplay

3 The security software prohibits the relevant services of the screen recording master (select allow in the security software prohibition startup item, or uninstall and exit the security software to solve the interference problem). Win 8 and win 10 systems may be interfered by the security software “Windows Defender” provided by the system. It is recommended to turn them off or add airplayer as an exclusion item.

the above is the relevant information about Apple’s airplay. I hope it can help you who are interested in it, so that you can also use Apple’s airplay function to achieve the screen projection effect.