How to use Miracast for screen projection on Skyworth TV?

Starting Skyworth TV, the main interface of Skyworth TV is mainly divided into: film and television, education, applications, shopping mall, mine, and settings. We select the ‘Application’ option and click to enter. In the “Application” interface of Skyworth TV, find the “Miracast” application option and double-click to open the Miracast application.

How to cast the screen?

1. Both the smart TV and phone are connected to the same network.

2. Then click to activate the Miracast function of Skyworth TV.

3. For Android phones, go to [Settings] – select [More Wireless Connections] – [Wireless Display] on the mobile end; Turn on the switch of ‘Enable Wireless Display’ to achieve the screen projection of the phone on the TV.

4. For an Apple phone, simply connect the phone to the same WiFi as the smart TV. If it supports wireless screen projection, simply click on [Screen Image] in the Apple phone’s control center to select the TV.