How to use the multi screen interaction of win10 system? Let’s first understand what is multi screen interaction?

multi screen interaction is a technology based on DLNA protocol, airplay protocol, miracast protocol, etc. through WiFi network connection, the multimedia content on different multimedia terminals such as mobile phones and tablets can be projected onto different intelligent terminal devices. Using multi screen interactive technology, the display content can be shared on different platform devices at the same time.

most smart TVs or set-top boxes based on Android system support multi screen interaction. When using, it should be noted that the multi screen interactive devices need to be in the same LAN.

how to use the multi screen interaction of win10 system?

1. Click in the lower right corner of win10 system to expand the control center.

2. In the open control center, click to open the “connection” option.

3. Click “find other types of devices” in the connection interface.

4. Select “all other devices” option.

5. In the jump interface, find the TV or other intelligent device that needs to be projected, and click to connect.

6. After the connection is completed, the screen of win10 system can be displayed on other devices