How to use the screen projection software to project the iPhone to the computer

Nowadays, living standards are constantly rising, and people are more in pursuit of high quality and high enjoyment of life, so they can use all resources to improve the quality of life and enjoy better life experience. For example, the screen projection of mobile phones and computers can improve our visual experience, so more people try, then how can the screen projection of Apple phones to computers?

Tools: iPhone, computer

Operation method:

1, This method is suitable for the iPhone screen projection computer, today mainly introduces the mobile game screen projection point, so the phone needs to have King of Glory, using Apple’s mirror screen function to connect to the computer;

  1. Run King of Glory on the mobile phone, select the equipment and characters, run a screen projection tool on the computer side, long time screen projection requires login oh.

  1. Then the most important step is to connect the phone and computer to the same network.

  2. At this time, the computer has run the screen projection tool, and the corresponding computer name will appear when opening the image connection in the mobile phone;

  3. Wait for a while, after the mirror connection is successful, the image of King of Glory on the phone will appear on the computer, so that the screen casting is successful. If you want to record the screen, modify the relevant parameters in the setting in advance.

  4. If you have recorded a video, you can view it on your computer after the screen projection is completed on your phone. Click the path to open it and you can see the recorded video.