How to wireless connect the win10 computer system?


The connection mode of Windows10 is similar, which is based on the principle of Miracast.
Win10 – Settings – Search projection – click to project to the second screen – click to connect to the wireless monitor – click the TV in the living room searched out – if normal, the connection will be successful soon. If there is an error, try this step for many times – if normal, the TV will display: the connection is successful, receiving the video data – you can realize the wireless mode of the computer screen content in win10 It’s on TV.

Summary of Miracast direct display:
It seems that the Miracast wireless projection is not very smooth.
So the most likely reason is that the speed of wireless network is not good, which leads to poor flow.
-If you want the projection to be smoother, you can still use cable, such as HDMI cable, without ensuring that the network is good enough.



Notebook cable, such as HDMI cable to connect TV:
1. VGA radio frequency signal cable connection, use computer graphics card with RF output interface (commonly known as TV graphics card), use coaxial cable to connect to TV. Suitable for all types, all models of TV.
2. S terminal or HDMI digital signal cable connection, also need computer graphics card with s terminal or HDMI digital signal output interface, use the corresponding special cable to connect to TV. Suitable for digital TV, especially HDTV.

With HDML cable connection, the specific connection method is not complicated (the circuit is very simple, most of them are connected with one cable), and the computer setting is relatively simple (select the second display to play alone or at the same time), but only needs the hardware i.e. graphics card to meet the corresponding output conditions.