In our daily life, we can use wireless projector and software projector to achieve the  wireless display function. Therefore, many users will wonder what the difference is. Today, I will take you to understand what is the wireless projector, what is the software projection, and the differences between the two.

1、 Which one is better, wireless projector and software projector?
The screen projection software has some limitations on the equipment. First of all, the receiving end must be an intelligent device (such as smart TV and intelligent projection); secondly, the same projection software must be installed at the projection end; finally, the devices at the push end and the receiving end must be connected to the same WiFi signal, and the wireless router is required.

In contrast, the operation of the wireless projector is relatively simple. No matter it is a non intelligent TV, projection, computer monitor, or even car navigation, as long as the display device has HDMI interface, it can cast the screen on the mobile phone, and there is no need to connect the router.




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