Video projection is to transmit the video that was originally seen on the mobile phone to the TV through the screen projection technology.

The significance of video projection:

1. The video that can’t be found by TV can be watched by video projection
2. If there is no member in TV, you can put the member’s video in the mobile phone video on TV
3. If the video content played on the small screen device is put on a larger screen, the immersive viewing experience can be enjoyed to the maximum extent through the large screen

What is the principle of video projection

There are three Protocol Channels: DLNA, Airplay and Miracast. With these three protocol channels. Just like Bluetooth, the mobile phone and the TV set up a channel by pairing each other. After connecting, the mobile phone can continuously transmit the video address to the TV. So the TV plays the video. Complete the screen projection.

If your TV doesn’t have the function of screen projection, install the TV version of BiJie to receive the video projection of mobile phone.



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