Win10 wireless screen projection has many ways, including Miracast screen projection function, screen projection software and wireless screen projector. But wireless projector is undoubtedly a simpler and faster way.

Most computers don’t support wireless projection

The Miracast projection function of win10 system requires the computer’s graphics card, network card and system to support this protocol, but most computers do not support this function.

There are some defects in the stability and safety of the screen projection software

In most cases, the projection software is only suitable for home users, because we have to agree to its protocol in the process of using the projection software, and there are security risks. Compared with the users who use the screen projection software, it is clear that the stability of the screen projection software is better than that of the users, and the phenomenon of delay and screen flicker occurs from time to time.

There is a lack of compatibility

At present, most of the projection software has some shortcomings in compatibility, for example, Windows 7 system does not support projection software.

Advantages of wireless projector

1. Wireless projector is simply a bridge between multiple screens. No matter whether the computer supports the projection protocol or not, we can wirelessly project the screen to meet the needs of users.

2. As a professional projection device, the stability of wireless projector is needless to say. If it is not stable, users will not spend high economic costs.
3. Wireless projector has no conditions for use, and it is more in line with the use of business.
4. Easy to use, no threshold. The purpose of wireless projector is to improve conference efficiency.
5. Multi compatibility
In the BOYD conference room, our mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers can be used quickly without any compatibility problems.



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