How to wireless laptop screen smart TV?

In fact, most of the electronic products have this function, and now the smart TV on the market almost all support DLNA, through the DLNA setting can achieve the interconnection of computers and TVS, the computer content is projected to the TV, including music, files, videos and so on. This DLNA protocol is also most commonly used in our daily mobile projection TV.

What does it look like? Let’s take a look:

1. It must be emphasized that the computer and the TV must be on the same LAN.

2. Change advanced sharing Settings

Open your computer, select Network and Internet from Control Panel or Desktop, and then click Network and Sharing Center. Once opened, click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” on the left.

After clicking open, the Settings page will appear:

Select [Streaming media options], click to enable streaming media, that is, click [Enable streaming media] button; Then set all states to “Allowed” and click “OK” to exit.

3. Screen projection

Then you can open the screen tour, select something to play, right-click to select [play], and then choose your device to play, you can achieve computer screen TV, whether it is pictures, music, files, or videos can be so operated.

Some video playback websites also have a button on the computer that can cast the screen to the TV, you can try, but it is also required to be in the open setting state on the same network.