How to wirelessly project a computer web page to a TV

Mobile phone projection screen watching TV can be through a variety of boxes, sticks! So how do you sync a video from a computer web page to your TV screen? Don’t worry, today I will teach you.

First of all, we need to understand that the mobile screen projection on the TV is directly using Mircast, Airplay, DLNA path. What about computers?

Windows 8 and 10 support Mircast screen projection, so syncing your computer screen to your TV screen is in principle supported. That’s the first step to success, right? There’s a rationale behind it.

So how exactly do you sync a web version of your computer’s video to your TV screen?

Wired via an HDMI cable, this is easiest.

Operation steps:

1, first of all, the HDMI interface first connected to the computer, it is best in the shutdown state, do not shut down the state of the line, but the TV is best to close and then open;

2, then connect the TV;

  1. After connecting the cable, turn on the computer and TV;
  2. Switch your TV signal to HDMI.

When the TV is switched to HDMI, the TV shows what the computer shows. The TV becomes a computer screen. The HDMI audio starts automatically, and the sound comes from the TV instead of the computer. So you can watch movies on the big screen.