Huawei mobile phone wireless projection screen to computer operation sharing

Every mobile phone release always mentions how big the screen is, but no matter how big the screen is, it is not as cool as the experience of projecting the screen to the computer or TV. Let’s take a look at how Huawei mobile phone projecting the screen to the computer.

  1. Firstly, connect the mobile phone and computer to the wireless Wulo. Note that the two devices must be connected to the same LAN.
  2. Open the menu key on the computer to enter the setting page, enter the system setting, and find the projection to this computer.

3, Select all locations available, press OK and remember the name of the computer. (By default, computers are always turned off.)

  1. Open the mobile phone, enter the setting interface, click More connection, select the wireless projection screen, open the wireless projection screen, select the computer name to be displayed in the list of wireless projection devices.
  2. Click the name of the computer, and the phone will start wireless projection. You can see that the computer displays the information that the phone is trying to project.