With the continuous innovation of wireless display technology and the continuous improvement of functions, the phenomenon of polarization has appeared. Because of its simple manufacturing, the manufacturers of home screen projector are becoming larger and larger, and the price is also lower. Because the functions used in office field and teaching field are more and more complex, the function requirements are more and more large, and the price is also higher and higher. But then again, the price of any product with higher professionalism will only be higher and higher.

At present, there are many kinds of wireless projectors in the market. In many cases, the product price ranks among them and occupies a key position. Therefore, consumers will take a number of factors into consideration when selecting, comprehensively evaluate and select a more appropriate one.

1.The more features, the higher the price

Multi screen display: at present, the projector has single screen, double screen and four screen.

Single screen refers to that only one device can be displayed on the large screen at the same time, while the four pictures support four devices to be displayed on the large screen at the same time, so as to split the large screen into four parts.

2.Is the resolution 1080p or 4K

At present, the mainstream projector  resolution is 1080p, and the price of 4K resolution is relatively expensive.

3.Background function control system

At present, the home series projector is not equipped with background control system or simple basic function setting, while the professional business projector and multimedia classroom projector are relatively complex in function.

4. New products

The update speed of electronic products is changing with each passing day. The update of wireless projection technology is also very fast, and the speed of elimination is also very fast. The speed of update greatly affects the price.




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