The importance of

smart office. The words


and “this is the best era and the worst era” apply to any era of major change. Since entering the Internet era, the rapid development of intelligent technology and intelligent products has entered all aspects of our life, bringing revolutionary changes to people’s production and lifestyle. Especially in the fast-paced urban life, work occupies a very important position. Intelligent office is undoubtedly an important trend of office life in the future.

what is the model of smart office system?


are mainly divided into transaction type, management type and auxiliary decision-making type. The transactional smart office system is composed of computer software and hardware equipment, basic office facilities, simple call equipment and transaction processing database. This kind of office system mainly deals with daily office operations, such as word processing, spreadsheet processing, document receiving, sending and landing, electronic document management, office process management, personnel management, financial statistics, statement processing, personal database, etc, It is a system directly facing office personnel and so on.


, while the management office system is an integrated office information processing system that closely combines the transactional intelligent office system with the comprehensive information database. The comprehensive database stores the information needed for daily work for all departments of the company to share, so as to optimize daily work and improve office efficiency and quality.


decision-making office system is an intelligent office system that adds decision-making and auxiliary decision-making functions on the basis of transaction processing system and information management system. This intelligent office system not only has the support of database, but also has model base and method base. Model base is the core of decision support system and its function is to provide various models for decision-makers to use in order to find the best solution.