Interactive classroom

Classroom teaching interaction refers to a teaching organization form in which teachers and students communicate, discuss and promote each other. The effectiveness of teacher-student interaction refers to taking the teaching organization form of teacher-student interaction to produce effective results.

First, interactive classroom to form a real learning community. The relationship between teachers and students is equal and democratic. The whole teaching process is a process in which teachers and students jointly develop, explore and enrich the curriculum. In the interaction, students play their own personality and creativity.

Second, the exchange of information between teachers and students is very extensive, knowledge, skills, emotions, attitudes, values have been fully exchanged, through these exchanges, teachers and students can communicate with each other, influence each other, complement each other, the teaching process has become the process of students to discover, put forward and solve problems.

Third, teachers and students participate in and interact with each other to achieve teaching objectives creatively. Teachers and students form a joint force to promote students’ active development, improve classroom efficiency and achieve the optimization of teaching.

Smart Classroom Solution:

The multi-screen interactive solution for education in the field launched by BiJie Networks fully considers the demands of teachers and students in protocol support and functional design, and is compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, ChromeCast and BJCast (self-developed) projection protocols. Teachers and students can quickly cast the screen of a mobile phone or PC to the large-screen display device wirelessly.