Introduction to the linkage function of

Bijie Ops:

OPS all-in-one machine generally adopts windows system as the main system. In the teaching process, the classroom uses Windows teaching software very frequently. The video output of Bijie multi screen cooperative intelligent terminal is an independent signal source. It is necessary to switch the OPS all-in-one machine to HDMI display mode, which brings the problem that teachers need to switch the signal source frequently.


to solve this problem, Bijie bj80 multi screen cooperation intelligent terminal specially provides the management and control interactive software and control API interface on the windows side, so that the bj80 multi screen cooperation intelligent terminal and OPS touch all-in-one machine can be linked and displayed in the same step, and the display screen can be switched freely, which is convenient and flexible. The interactive management software is installed on the windows side, which adopts the form of floating window, and provides the functions of one click broadcasting, content display on the same screen and equipment configuration on the screen.

pain points of current ops and projection products:

1 Need to switch HDMI frequently:

in the process of screen projection, when switching the content of OPS all-in-one machine and the content of screen projection, it is necessary to switch the HDMI line frequently. Some users do not know how to switch, and the waiting time for switching is also long. It is also prone to switching errors, and the procedures are complicated.

2. Increase learning cost:


when teachers switch the content of OPS all-in-one machine and the content of projection screen in the teaching process, the methods of switching HDMI signal source of display devices of different brands are different. Teachers need to spend time to learn when using it, which increases the learning cost of teachers.

3. The screen projection scheme of teaching software and all-in-one machine system affects the performance of Ops:


OPS all-in-one machine generally comes with some screen projection application software, which will occupy the processing performance of OPS at the same time. When some 3D teaching software needs to occupy most of the computing power of OPS, the effect of using the screen projection function of the system is often very poor, and there will be Caton and flower screen. Bijie OPS linkage solution makes audio and video codec processing a modular division of labor. Bj80 hardware is responsible for processing the screen projection signal, and OPS linkage software is only responsible for receiving the analytical picture processed by Bijie intelligent cooperation terminal, which greatly reduces the processing pressure of OPS.

product networking Description:

single screen OPS + Bijie intelligent collaboration terminal

dual screen OPS + Bijie intelligent collaboration terminal

interactive classroom – single screen + bj80

interactive classroom – dual screen + bj80

Functional advantages of OPS products:

retains the OPS computer working mode, and teachers’ usage habits remain unchanged. The screen projection and interaction functions are based on the hardware box to avoid the conflict between interactive software and teaching software and reduce the load of OPS. The interactive operation is based on OPS and bjapp, and there is no need to switch the HDMI signal source of OPS all-in-one machine. Teachers and students’ mobile phones and computers can be shared on the screen without installing software. Support third-party integration and docking development, and provide easily integrated websocket interface.

solution configuration:

ordinary smart classroom

single screen + box can be used in ordinary smart classroom, supporting mobile computer wireless screen projection, multi screen display and screen projection touch anti control.

dual screen smart classroom

dual screen + box can be used in dual screen smart classroom, dual screen display, support simultaneous display and easy display, the projection content is combined with electronic whiteboard, and the left and right screens can be switched freely.

seminar smart classroom

single screen + box + group screen can be used in seminar smart classroom. Teachers can push the contents of the main screen to the group screen, synchronize the contents of the group screen to the main screen for display, and support teachers to hold a pad to move and control the contents of the main screen and group screen.

high-end seminar smart classroom

double screen + box + group screen can be used in high-end seminar smart classroom. It supports synchronous display of courseware, split screen preview of front and back pages, and synchronous annotation on electronic whiteboard.

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