Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. is a leading multi screen collaboration solution provider. The company independently develops multi screen interaction and intelligent image processing technology, focuses on providing multi screen collaboration product solutions for intelligent office and intelligent education industries, helps enterprises and schools improve office learning efficiency, solve communication management problems, and make information interaction easier. What are the functional advantages of


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1. The multi-channel projection

can support the display of 6-channel intelligent terminals on the same screen at most, without the limitation of terminal type;


support 4K HD display.

2. Multi screen interaction supports screen interaction between the teacher’s large screen and the group screen. The teacher can drag and share the designated group screen. 3.

controls the content of the projection screen through the large screen, making the meeting more efficient and increasing the user experience.

4. In the weak network environment with 20% packet loss, it can still cast the screen smoothly, with high stability, short delay and increased user experience. 5. Support the projection watermark function, narrow the scope, trace the source, anti-counterfeiting watermark and prevent illegal tampering with 6 Support code scanning projection and screen projection code projection. Bijie screen projection client software can provide code scanning direct projection and screen projection code fast projection functions. 7. Support the integrated operation of OPS all-in-one machine, open up the data interaction between OPS system and projection hardware equipment, and provide OPS end application software. The operation is based on OPS without switching OPS signals. 8. Support the unified management platform, provide unified operation and maintenance management of screen projection equipment, screen projection data statistics, and support privatization deployment.