Introduction to the difference between

wireless projection software and wireless projection software. Which is better to use than

wireless projection software? The answer must be a wireless projector. Whether it is wireless screen projection operation, screen projection conditions or screen projection effect, the wireless screen projector is much higher than the screen projection software. However, the wireless screen projector belongs to hardware equipment and needs to be purchased additionally, while the general screen projection software is used for free. When using the wireless screen projection, users need to decide according to their own needs. Wireless screen projector is mainly used in business conference room, multimedia teaching, multimedia exhibition, game screen projection and other fields.

let’s first look at the difference between wireless projection software and wireless projection device.

projection software: software projection is generally pre installed with application software with projection function on mobile devices, such as Exe file, the smart terminal [mobile phone, computer, TV] can install the screen projection client, IOS airplay screen image, etc., and download, install and run these screen projection software on the smart device.


wireless screen projectors: hardware products specially used for wireless screen projection, consisting of a receiving end box and a USB pigtail at the transmitting end [some use software transmitting end]. When using, you only need to connect the receiver box with the monitor, use the software sender for mobile phones and tablets, and use the USB or HDMI hardware sender for computers, high-resolution cameras and cameras.

generally speaking, the screen projection software is software decoding, and the wireless screen projector is hardware decoding.

what are the advantages of using wireless projector for screen projection? Take Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection equipment as an example:

1. Wireless projector is more secure. The wireless screen projector belongs to hardware equipment, and there is no security risk. Most of the screen projection software in the market belongs to a third party, so a series of agreements need to be signed during installation.

2. The projection conditions are simpler and suitable for users. When using the wireless projector, only one HDMI cable is needed to connect with the display to cast the screen. The Bijie multi screen cooperative projection device has its own AP hotspot, which can also be used without network. The projection software must be used when there is a network after installing the software on mobile phones, computers and televisions.

3. More powerful functions. Generally, the projection software only supports single screen, while the Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment has single screen, double screen, four screen and six screen for users to choose by themselves.

4. Stronger operability. The screen projection software is only a screen projection function, and the wireless screen projector needs to meet the current complex business conference screen projection scene and the use of multi-functional smart classroom. It has more functions and stronger operability of users.


projection software and wireless projection device, which is better? The above facts have proved that the wireless projector is better than the projection software. If users just watch TV at home and have no requirements, it is indeed more cost-effective to use projection software, but in formal business, education and other occasions, wireless projection device can better meet the needs of users.