iPad how to wireless screen computer live play games?

I have been sharing the screen skills of various mobile phone brands, computer screen skills, but the iPad is rarely shared. A fan asked in a private letter, “Want to use the iPad screen to live play games on the computer, larger than the mobile phone, better picture quality, should be how to cast.”

The following share a free, multi-platform support iPad screen method, in addition to the Win10 system computer can receive screen signal, all computers can use this method. (Mobile phone can also cast)

Step 1:

Download an AirDroid Cast on your iPad and search for it directly in the Apple Store, but be sure to recognize the name and don’t click on the wrong App.

Step 2:

Win10 computer (any computer can) into the web version, open the browser, access to the AirDroid Cast web version, if you can not find the entrance can also be in the AirDroid official website in this position to enter. This takes you to the page below, where you can select “Free Trial Now.” You have successfully entered the AirDroid Cast web version

Step 3:

Scan the QR code to complete the screen projection, open the AirDroid Cast of iPad, select “Scan”, scan the QR code on the computer, select “Trust this device” on the web version, select “Allow”, select “Start Live broadcast” on the iPad, and then the screen projection will be completed.