Laptop screen how to operate?

Remember a few years ago, people were more likely to use HDMI cables to connect their laptops to their TVS, but now few people like the hassle. In many cases, the screen might be more convenient.

But the problem also comes, is the screen setup trouble, different TV connection protocol, also let a lot of people. So, as a new notebook in 2021, does it overcome the problem of inconvenient screen projection? Today we will take a look at the screen projection performance of MagicBook V 14.

Honor MagicBook V 14 is the flagship product of Honor just launched. Its configuration is not to mention powerful, but also supports 95% of the market TV and smart screen projection, which means that Honor developers have supported most TV screen projection protocols in the laptop, and then unified operation under one interface, without the need to install all kinds of screen projection software. That’s a lot of work. But the benefits are obvious: you don’t have to install all kinds of weird software on your laptop.

  1. First of all, you need to press Fn+F11 on the keyboard for screen projection. It can be seen that it is already an important function of the notebook to screen onto the TV, after all, many meeting rooms also use the TV as the display device.
  2. In fact, we can also open the computer manager, the effect is the same, you can see the optional multi-screen collaboration, or computer projection screen.
  3. Enter the screen projection interface. When the TV and laptop are turned on and in a WiFi environment, start to search for the device.
  4. The TV product is found and the connection code needs to be entered; For cases where there may be more than one TV in an area, Honor also sets up connected devices, and recently connected devices, so you can choose a TV with a projection screen.
  5. If it is directly connected, you can select the mirror mode or extended mode. In mirror mode, the resolution is extremely high, but the laptop screen is 3:2 ratio, which is also suitable for the TV; In extended mode, the TV reverts to a 16:9 ratio for easy display