Lenovo win10 system computer how wireless projection screen to TV/projector

win10 wireless projection screen to TV how to operate? Many friends must have such doubts, that is how to put the content of the computer screen to the TV, has obtained a better look and feel, some friends often have such a show demand, in fact, is very simple, the next small series to share detailed win10 computer wireless screen to TV operation tutorial.

win10 computer wireless screen to TV operation tutorial

  1. First of all, find the wireless setting in the lower right corner of the computer, and then connect it to WiFi. (Computer and TV need to be connected to the same WiFi)

  2. Then find the Settings on the TV and click to enter.

  3. Connect the TV to the same WiFi as the computer.

  4. Finally, the computer content can be projected onto the TV!

Method 2 Win10 built-in Miracast wireless projection screen

  1. First, turn on the mirror feature on your TV, which can be found under “Apps.”

2, after the Win10 computer, click the “Start” menu, find “Settings”, and enter.

3, after that, choose “Bluetooth and Other Devices” > “Add Bluetooth or other devices”, select “Wireless display or dock”, and then add your TV device, you can do the screen projection.