Letv TV how mobile phone wireless projection screen?

The Spring Festival is coming soon. Will you have dinner and watch TV with your family? But TV memberships are too expensive, and mobile memberships can only watch on mobile phones. How can you get mobile members to watch on TV? At this time the mobile phone screen is a good choice!

Mobile phone article screen method:

  1. Multi-screen interaction

The screen projection setting methods of mobile phones are divided into iPhone and Android phones. Take the setting methods of iPhone as an example:

①. Connect the TV and mobile phone to the same wifi.

②. Press the “Settings” key on the remote control to enter, “Network Settings” to find the “multi-screen interaction” option, and open the “DLNA & AIPiay” function.

③. On the iPhone, open the “Mirror” function, and the phone will search for the TV. Click the TV model and confirm the connection, then the screen will be displayed on the TV.

Next time, you can directly click “Screen image” on the phone to cast the screen.

  1. Wireless display

Android phone:

① Enter in the TV terminal first: [network Settings] – [multi-screen interaction] – [wireless display]

② In the drop-down menu of the phone, find the “screen projection” (individual phone name is different, some may be in the phone Settings – more connection), open the phone automatically search to the TV model, click and connect to the screen.

  1. Video APP connection screen projection

The above projection method, suitable for playing games, to see what things in the photo sharing is more practical. Some video apps support video screens. The following introduces a video software screen play method: (take Youku as an example, Mango, Tencent and other operation methods are the same) For example: you opened a platform mobile video member, but want to watch on the TV screen, here you can operate as follows:

① On TV, open the DLNA & AIPiay function in [Network Settings] -[Multi-screen Interaction].

② Install Youku software on TV and mobile phone. The TV version is called: Cool Cat Film and Television. It’s available in the native app store

③ Open your mobile phone Youku Video to play the video you want to watch, and click the “TV screen “icon in the upper right corner.

④ The software will search for the TV, and click the connection to cast the screen.