MAC projection, wireless projection, airplay Apple series products how to projection (I) computer projection

Mac Book wants to connect the TV display projection, which is usually directly connected with HDMI cable, but in addition to direct connection with cable, it can also projection in a wireless way. How does the Mac Book operate the wireless projection? There are three ways.

the first method is to mirror the MAC on the same screen.

first ensure that the Mac Book and the TV are on the same WiFi.

then find [monitor] – [play across space] in the menu bar on the MAC desktop, pull down to find the TV screen projection signal, and click it to cast the screen.


but how can I not find the TV signal? It may be that this TV does not support the airplay projection function. So we have to use another way, that is to add a wireless projector to the TV or monitor.

the second method is to connect the Mac to the wireless projector.

first connect the wireless projector to the TV or monitor with HDMI or VGA cable.

use the TV remote control to select the interface signal source corresponding to HDMI or VGA, and then the screen projector system interface will appear on the TV. On the interface, there is usually the hotspot WiFi and password of the projector. Find its connection in the MAC network. The following operations of


are the same as the first method. Just go to [display] – [play in space] and select the signal of the projector to cast the screen.

but because the hotspot itself has no network, there is no network when the screen is cast, so you need to add a few more steps to get online.

keep the hotspot WiFi of the projector. There is an address of 192 on the interface, which is the system background of the projector. Open the web page with Mac, enter the address, click the network after entering the background, find the WiFi password of your home or company and connect. At this time, switch the MAC back to its own WiFi, and then [play across the air] search the screen, and you can surf the Internet while casting the screen. The third method is

. When the MAC uses the wireless transmitter


, it can add another transmitter and insert the MAC direct projection. In this way, there is no need to connect WiFi bilaterally or pre install any software. Only before the first use, the transmitter and receiver signals must be paired. However, there is no need to pair for subsequent use. They are plug and play, which is very convenient.


use the transmitter and receiver to send and receive the screen. The effect is more stable than that of WiFi. Especially when delivering video pictures, the clarity, color fidelity and playback fluency are unmatched by WiFi projection.

but in life, people can choose their own way to cast the screen. If you just copy the picture and make some simple reports, WiFi projection is enough. If it is the pursuit of efficiency and picture effect, the use of projector is the best choice.


above are the methods of how to cast the screen of Apple series products.