Mi notebook wireless projection display

In the face of the information age, a little attention will be derailed, so timely supplementary knowledge can let us keep pace with The Times, today to bring you is about millet notebook wireless projection screen and millet notebook wireless projection screen display of an article, I believe will bring you greater help!

Millet computer how to screen

Devices using Windows10/8.1 systems can be connected to the Mi TV/Mi Box through the built-in “projection” function.

Take the Mi Notebook to connect the Mi TV box as an example, the steps are as follows:

1, first enter the home page of the TV box – my application – wireless screen projection -Miracast function, at this time the TV box will display “waiting for connection…” The state of;

2, from the lower right corner of the laptop click the operation center icon (or through the combination of shortcut keys Win+A), select projection – connect to the wireless display – select the name of the TV box, it will be automatically connected.

After success, the box interface will display the mirror interface of the laptop.

How does millet notebook wireless projection screen to TV

  1. In daily life, we may use the laptop screen to the TV, so how should it be operated? Let’s find out more about it.
  2. First, we downloaded and installed the same screen projection software on our laptop and TV.
  3. Then open the screen projection software on your laptop and go to the home page.
  4. Connect to the same wireless network.
  5. Click Discover Device.
  6. Enter the projection code on the TV into the TV and the connection is successful.