Millet TV super full wireless screen projection method

When many people buy millet TV, they will ask “Can this millet TV project screen?”, and the answer is obviously yes. In the current mainstream method, the screen is divided into two categories, one is DLNA screen, and the other is the well-known mirror screen.

For many smart TVS, they do not support DLNA projection, but more support mirror projection. However, after using the mirror projection screen of the phone, the content of the TV projection screen will change with the content of the phone. Here are a few very simple methods that can be used on any TV model.

First, through the support of third-party software to cast the screen. If you want to use mobile phone projection screen, you need to install BJT screen TV on the TV side, and install BJT screen client on the mobile phone. Smart TV users can search “BJT screen TV” in the Dangbei market. Open the installed client on the mobile terminal and select the corresponding TV model to complete the connection.

This method is suitable for any model, the only drawback is that you need to install an additional client and “Beitel projection tv”.

Second, mirror projection screen, when the mobile phone and smart TV are in the same wifi, open the “screen mirror” function on the mobile phone, select the corresponding TV model for connection, and then the mobile phone will automatically connect to the smart TV. In this way, the film and television content, websites, pictures, etc. on the mobile phone can be synchronized to the smart TV.

The disadvantage of this method is that it requires the TV built-in screen projection protocol to support mirror screen projection.