Miracast protocol of Win10 computer system realizes wireless screen projection

In order to use the Miracast protocol of the Win10 computer system to directly connect to other devices, the computer hardware first needs to support Miracast protocol, today Xiaobian mainly talk about how to use Miracast protocol directly, so we default Win10 computers and other devices are Miracast protocol support.

Prerequisites for screen projection: The computer and the mobile phone are on the same LAN.

WIN10 computer screen shortcut key: WIN+P

On a Win10 computer, press WIN [field key between Ctrl and Alt] +P [Quick change current projection mode], and four modes [Computer screen only], [Copy], [Expand], [second screen only] appear on the right side of the computer. In the panel, you will find a “Connect to Wireless Display” option at the bottom, which automatically searches Windows 10 for other display devices that support the Miracast protocol. Your TV, for example, is Miracast, which can be connected to project Windows 10 desktop directly onto the TV.

ps: Through the Bijie wireless projector, Win10 computer can also customize shortcut keys.

If the WIN10 computer screen shortcuts can not directly screen, you need to carry out the following operations, WIN10 computer screen.

Open the “Operation Center” button at the lower right corner of the desktop on the computer and click “Connect” button.

Then select select Project to this computer.

The setting interface of “projection to this computer” is actually the setting of the display of this computer after receiving the projection signal, that is to say, the current setting of the computer is the machine that receives the signal rather than the machine that sends the projection signal, because the computer that needs to transmit the projection screen does not need any Settings, only the platform with wireless network card function.

Select in the Settings when you agree, windows PC and phone can be projected onto this computer to change to “All locations Available”;