miracast Protocol Supported by Computers How to Solve miracast Screen Projection Problem

If the miracast protocol is supported by the hardware itself, problems such as software drivers and wireless docking can be solved in the following way.

  1. Fix wireless display or wireless docking connection problems

Ensure that your Windows10 device supports Miracast. Here are the specific steps to check on your computer: Select the “Start” button, type “Connect,” and then select “Connect” from the list of results. In the Connect app, the text will tell you if your Windows10 device supports it. To view your Windows10 phone, on Start, swipe through the list of apps and look for “Continuum.” If Continuum is in the all-app list, Miracast is supported on your Windows10 phone.

Ensure that the WLAN is enabled. To perform this operation on a computer, select the Network (or) icon on the far right of the taskbar, and then check the WLAN quick operation. On your Windows10 phone, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Operations Center, and then check “WLAN” for quick operations.

Ensure that the display supports Miracast and verify that it is turned on. If your wireless display does not support it, you will need an Miracast adapter (sometimes called a “hardware protector”) that plugs into an HDMI port.

Make sure your device driver is the latest version and that you have the latest firmware installed for your wireless display, adapter, or docking station. See the support information on the manufacturer’s website for instructions or search the manufacturer’s app in the MicrosoftStore to help.

Restart your computer or phone and your wireless monitor or dock.

Remove the wireless display or dock and reconnect. To delete a device, turn on Settings, and then choose Devices > Bluetooth and Other Devices. Select a wireless display, adapter, or docking station, and then select Remove Device. Then try to reconnect.

  1. Ensure Miracast is supported and has the latest drivers

Right click the Microsoft logo, select Device Manager, find the network adapter option, expand, uninstall the wireless network card driver under the directory, restart the computer, and click “Scan for hardware changes”, the system will reinstall the driver under the state of networking, after the installation, restart again, and then use the projection to check.