Mobile phone and computer Miracast projection screen setting

miracast screen projection protocol is supported only by Win8/10 system. Before screen projection, we need to perform a computer hardware test. After the Dxdiag.exe command detection and netsh_wlan_show_drivers command check on Win8/10, In the miracast scenario, we can attach an Android phone directly to a computer monitor through the miracast scenario.

Prerequisite: Both devices need to be connected to the same WiFi if they want to interact with the screen (connect the cable directly to the computer, and connect the WIFI to the mobile phone). The original Miracast screen projection must be on the same LAN, but Miracast screen projection can be matched within a certain range — similar to Bluetooth, when one device is enabled, other devices can be found nearby.

Computer side Settings:

Go to Settings -> System -> Projection to this computer for related configuration. (You can also search for Project to this computer directly or click Connect -> Project to this Computer in the lower left corner of the taskbar at the bottom of your desktop.)

All locations are available

Every time the request to connect [suggested to open, the phone screen to win10, the lower right corner after the pop-up window accidentally point to always stop, and then the phone can no longer screen to the computer “win10 screen point to always stop the solution”].

In addition, you can also set the power/input PIN pairing according to personal requirements to connect to the projection screen [recommended to enable].

Mobile terminal Settings:

Click the connection in the bottom left corner of the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop to search for devices. (If you want to use a smartphone projection computer, turn on the wireless projection function on the phone to search for the computer device you want to connect to. sharp – wireless display (wirelessoutput); Samsung — allsharecast; LG/ Xiaomi — miracast; HTC — Media output; sony — screenmirroring…) Generally speaking, new phones above android4.2 can support this protocol (only a small number of phones such as Huawei P6 do not support, of course, such as Xiaomi 2 part of the 4.1 system also support)



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