Sometimes people want to display my mobile phone on the computer to watch movies. So, is there any software or way to display the mobile phone to the computer?

Of course, it can. If the mobile phone and computer are installed with some software, it can be realized. However, both mobile phones and computers need software, and this feature is rarely used. Is it possible to implement it without installing software?

If your mobile phone is Huawei (glory) and your computer is Huawei (glory), you can achieve multi screen assistance (wireless display), but the version of mobile phone system is limited. Most rarely meet these conditions. Below, I will introduce to you, in the case of not installing any software, how the mobile phone wireless display to the computer!

1. Windows 10 notebook settings

1) Click the ”start” icon in the lower left corner, and then click settings to enter the Windows settings interface;

2) Click ”system” to enter the system setting interface;

3) Click ”project to this computer” on the left navigation to enter the display setting.

2. Mobile phone settings

The mobile phone needs to have [wireless display] function.

1) Mobile phone and computer are in the same LAN (preferably connected to the same WiFi);

2) Find the wireless display function of mobile phone.

3) Click the wireless display, the mobile phone will automatically search for and find the currently opened laptop. Click this laptop, the computer will have corresponding prompt, and click OK to automatically connect.

4) At this point, the computer will display the content of the mobile phone, you can demonstrate or watch a movie.