Mobile screen projection: let’s get some ways of wireless screen projection of mobile phones. Today,

will share with you how to project mobile screen onto TV in combination with Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection equipment.

1. Apple mobile phone

can use Apple’s own airplay function to realize screen projection.

airplay is a function of IOS 7 and above systems. Videos, music and photo files on iPhone can be projected onto TV through airplay function to realize wireless playback, but the premise is that the playing terminal device should also support corresponding functions.

operation method:

1. IPhone and TV / other projection devices are connected to the same WiFi network environment.

2. Then pull up the control center from the bottom of the iPhone screen and click airplay to connect the available airplay terminal devices.

in the interface of “airplay” option, select the TV device you want to connect, and then you can connect

automatically. 2. Android mobile phone

uses the wireless projection function

of the mobile phone. The operation method

1 First, turn on the wireless projection function of Android smart TV, and the system will prompt

, and

. 2. Turn on the wireless display function item of Android mobile phone. Generally, in other connection methods → wireless display → turn on wireless display, you can find the TV with miracast turned on. Click to connect. At this time, the wireless projection has been successful.