mobile phone projection, the miracast projection of Android mobile phone,


mobile phone wireless projection is actually a seemingly small but very useful function. It can project our mobile phone screen to the large screen, which greatly meets our vision. Whether it’s entertainment, office or online classes, it’s better to throw the screen to the TV than to watch the mobile phone.

the miracast projection screen of Android phone

mainly uses WiFi transmission, which is called “miracast”. In short, “miracast” is a device certified by “WiFi display”. With this function, the audio and video files of the mobile terminal can be shared and displayed on the computer. Data transmission at both ends through WiFi is more convenient, and it will not be forced to be fixed in one place, which is flexible and easy.

now most Android phones integrate the function of wireless screen projection in the system. Due to the variety of Android systems, each manufacturer has different names for projection screen, some are called wireless display, some are called wireless projection screen. As long as the TV and mobile phone are in the same WiFi environment, turn on the TV’s own screen projection function and turn on the screen projection option on the mobile phone, you can search the TV. After clicking the connection, the content on the mobile phone can be directly projected on the TV.

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