Mobile phone projection screen computer method sharing

When playing games or watching TV, most people like to watch a larger screen, because it is comfortable and does not need to be held up like a mobile phone. In fact, the computer is a good choice. We can directly choose to project the screen of our mobile phone onto the computer, so that whether playing games or watching movies will be more comfortable. But many friends do not know how to screen to the computer, in fact, it is really very simple oh! Let’s follow Xiaobian to see the specific operation method!

Today, the method shared by Xiaobian is to vote with the help of our screen casting tool. It is recommended that you use the “quick screen casting” tool. This is a professional screen casting software, which is very simple to operate, and supports each port screen casting, which is very great! Here’s how to do it!

The first step: we first need to download our software on the computer, after the download is completed, we can open, we open, can find many ways to cast the screen, can unlimited to cast the screen can also be limited, and then we can put it first, to pick up our mobile phone.

Step 2: We download the same thing on the mobile phone, and then we need to authorize a series of things, we directly authorize, after the authorization is completed, we can see the specific interface on our mobile phone, and then enter the interface of our software, after entering, we can see that there are a lot of screen projection methods on the mobile phone!

The third step: we choose a suitable way for us, but Xiaobian still recommend that we use the wireless screen, so that the use and operation down is more convenient, we directly click on it.

For the screen I believe that the friends have learned it, or very simple oh, after playing games, watching movies can be directly connected to the screen!