Mobile phone screen to computer tips

Method 1: Computer setup

The first thing to note is that we must ensure that our phone and computer are in the same LAN connection, and the computer is supported by the screen function.

Take the win10 computer system for example.

We first click the small icon of the startup menu in the lower left corner of the computer desktop, and then select the set function icon, and then select the system, and finally select the projection to the computer this function, according to their actual situation adjustment can be used.

We can project it onto a phone or a computer onto this screen. Match the name on the phone and you can use it.

Our computer will also directly display the connection status, mobile phone will also display the connection style, such as: wireless connection.

Method 2: Mobile phone projection

iPhone has a “screen image” function. We open the “Control Center” of the phone, then find the “screen image” and click to open it.

At this time, our mobile phone will automatically search for the name of our computer device, and then click to select the connection screen to the computer.

But that’s only if we connect our phones to the same network as our computers, which is also true for Android phones.

Method 3: Wired connection

If we try the above methods on our phones and computers, it still doesn’t work.

Then we can use other methods, such as wired device connection operation, not limited by the network, the connection is more stable.

First we need to prepare a data cable; Then one click to select the screen to our computer above, is so fast and convenient!

However, it needs to be reminded that the selected data cable is not an ordinary charging data cable, but a screen dedicated data cable, the interface of the phone and the interface of the computer to match each other.

Method 4: Huawei Mobile Phone

In fact, one of the functions of Huawei mobile phone is the black technology function of “one touch pass”, which can also realize the screen to the computer, and easily realize the interconnection of mobile phones and computers and the transmission of data.

But that’s only if the phone supports NFC, and the phone is on the same network as the PC phone.

We then hold the phone close to the NFC tag, and we can transmit data.

In fact, using the desktop projection screen of mobile phone on the computer can not only see the picture of mobile phone more directly, but also can be used to play games, see pictures and so on. The experience will be better and the vision will be wider.

In fact, about the mobile phone screen to the computer this function, there are a lot of tips can be realized, the above is just the most basic a few relatively simple, can meet our daily use needs.